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WG-GGI Newsletter Number 4

Updated: Tue 14 Oct 2003

WG-GGI Newsletter No. 4

January 2002

Dear GGI & GIANT Listserver members

Welcome to the fourth WG-GGI Newsletter as part of the GGI's Outreach Program. This will be our second last newsletter prior to the XXVII SCAR meeting in Shanghai.

Implementation of the SCAR review

The SCAR Executive has issued a set of guidelines for implementing the provisions of the SCAR review. If you have not received a copy yet please notify either the WG-GGI Chief Officer or Executive Officer and we can arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

In summary: the new SCAR structure will contain 3 "Standing Scientific Groups", Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Geosciences. [WG-GGI will be placed in the Geosciences SSG along with the former Geology and Solid-Earth Geophysics WG's.] There is also a "Standing Committee" on Infrastructure & Outreach. In addition there are 5 "Scientific Programme Groups", which are made up of the existing Groups of Specialists. The Executive Officer is currently creating a schematic diagram of these proposals to aid members in working out, from a visual perspective, how the new structure proposes to operate. The diagram will be circulated as soon as it has approval from the SCAR Secretariat.

If any WG members have feedback on the set of guidelines that have been issued please let the Chief Officer or Executive Officer know.

XXVII SCAR, Shanghai, 15-19 July 2002

In the paper from the SCAR Executive (outlined above) there is a section that deals with how the XXVII meeting in Shanghai will be run.

The WG-GGI Executive Officer is currently working on a draft agenda for the meeting and it will be sent to members by the end of February for comment. If there are any items you wish to put onto the agenda then please let the Executive Officer know.

AUSLIG Technical reports on Antarctica

AUSLIG (now known as the National Mapping Division of Geoscience Australia) has published 2 technical reports that may be of interest to GGI members:

  1. on Antarctic geodesy work undertaken by Gary Johnson and Paul Digney from AUSLIG in summer 2000-01.
  2. on geodesy work undertaken on Heard Island by Bob Twilley from AUSLIG in summer 2000-01.

Composite Gazetteer Update

In the latest version of the CGA (1 October 2001) there have been:

since the last version at 1 July 2001.

This information is also available from the CGA web site at:

On-line GPS processing

The National Mapping Division of Geoscience Australia is pleased to announce the availability of a free on-line GPS processing system.

AUSPOS provides users with the facility to submit dual frequency, geodetic quality, GPS RINEX data observed in a 'static' mode, to our GPS processing system and receive rapid turn-around ITRF coordinates. This service takes advantage of both the IGS product range and the IGS GPS network and works with data collected anywhere on Earth.

AUSPOS can be found at:

Exchange of mapping, charting and geographic information

A list of Antarctic map distributors for each of the SCAR member nations is now available from the WG-GGI web site. If the details are incorrect or other sources are known could you please contact the Executive Officer with the information. See

Cybercartographic Atlas workshop

The Cybercartographic Atlas workshop held in Puerto Madryn, Argentina - between November 29 and December 1 2001 - made progress on the technical and institutional aspects of the project. The full report of the workshop can be found at:

Project Leader, Prof Fraser Taylor, is interested to hear from any GGI member wanting to participate in the Cybercartographic Atlas project. He can be contacted at <>

AGS’01 papers

Most participants provided final versions or summaries of their presentations and these will published in a SCAR Report. The SCAR Secretariat is currently preparing the SCAR Report and we will advise you when it has been published. The papers are also available from the WG-GGI web site -

Web Site

There has been a steady updating of the WG-GGI web site over the past 2 months - more can be found at:

Preparations are being made for the launch of a new web site - to coincide with the implementation of the SCAR review. More will be revealed at the meeting in Shanghai.

Tide Gauge Data

Dr Shibuya has compiled a brief summary of existing tide gauges in Antarctic, from country reports to SCAR, which he presented at AGS'01. John Manning is interested in hearing from any member regarding the history of tide gauges or data from Antarctic tide gauges pre IGY (1957). Please let John know if you have any historical information or data from these gauges.

Australian Antarctic Geodetic Network

A readjustment of the existing Australian Antarctic Geodetic Network (AAGN) has been carried out to incorporate newly collected GPS observations. The readjustment was designed to geometrically strengthen and move the network to the ANT2000 (or ITRF2000 at an epoch of 1 January 2000 (2000.0)) datum.

The web page lists the recomputed coordinates as well as a new field of information called "Positional Uncertainty".

Positional Uncertainty is the uncertainty of the horizontal position or height of a point, in metres, at the 95% confidence level, with respect to the defined reference frame.


John Manning
Chief Officer, WG-GGI


Glenn Johnstone
Executive Officer, WG-GGI