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SCAR GSSG - Marine Survey Coordination Action Group

Updated: Wed 22 Jun 2005

Marine Survey Coordination Action Group


Phil O’Brien (Australia)
Miquel Canales (Spain)
Ron Macnab (Canada)
Rainer Gersonde (Germany)


Members engaged in marine geoscience research have identified a need for additional mechanisms for communication between those working in this field, especially communication of planned surveys before they take place. This is important in enhancing collaboration and reducing duplication of effort. The Acoustics Action Group has identified coordination of surveys to avoid unnecessary resurveying as an important measure to minimise the environmental footprint of marine research.

Terms of Reference

To develop mechanisms for improved communication about planned marine surveys within the Antarctic community.


  1. Develop web forms for documentation of essential details of planned surveys for posting on the GSSG web site (May 2005).
  2. Develop list of contacts among national operators and the marine geoscience community (via CONMAP) to obtain the information needed (June 2005).