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SCAR GSSG - Copyright Information
Updated: Tue 14 Oct 2003


The SCAR GSSG web site is housed on the Geoscience Australia web server and as such has responsibilities to inform web users of the policy in relation to copyright issues.


In general terms, copyright is the exclusive right given to an author by the Copyright Act 1968 (and amended in 1980 and 1984) to reproduce, publish, perform, broadcast and adapt a work.

Artistic works include diagrams, maps, charts or plans.


Geoscience Australia is the custodian of the copyright of the maps and data products it produces on behalf of the Commonwealth. Geoscience Australia does not own the copyright. This custodianship of Commonwealth Copyright of maps, digital data and other products has been devolved to Geoscience Australia from AusInfo, Department of Finance and Administration.

Contact for Geoscience Australia National Mapping copyright material

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