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SCAR GSSG - Antarctic Geodesy Symposium 2002 (AGS'02) Documents " /> " />



Summary (by GIG Chairman John Manning) [PDF format - 8 Kb]

Provisional Program [PDF format - 7 Kb]

Invitation / First Circular [PDF format - 47 Kb]

Paper and Author



Northern Victoria Land Deformation Project - Alessandro Capra


[4.04 Mb]

Present status of the SCAR GPS Database - Reinhard Dietrich

[146 Kb]


Grove Mountains - E Dongchen

[130 Kb]


GPS Meteorology in Antarctica - E Dongchen

[133 Kb]


Variations of Ionosphere Versus Variations of Vector Components Determined From Data of IGS Antarctic GPS Stations - Jan Cisak

[304 Kb]

[129 Kb]

GPS and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet - Ian Dalziel


[428 Kb]

Antarctic Geodesy in Support of the U.S. Antarctic Program - Larry Hothem


[35.7 Mb]

Low Power Remote GPS Observatories in Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica - Larry Hothem


[17.5 Mb]

Transantarctic Mountains Deformation Network (TAMDEF) - Larry Hothem


[8.3 Mb]

SCAR Report to ISO TC211 - Larry Hothem

[92 Kb]

[112 Kb]

SCAR Geodetic Control Database - Glenn Johnstone

[354 Kb]

[236 Kb]

Remote GPS Station at Langhovde, Dronning Maud Land - Hiromichi Tsuji


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List of Participants

John Manning

Graeme Blick

Clive Howard-Williams

Larry Hothem

E Dongchen

Cecep Subarya

Hiromichi Tsuji

Aaron Jordon

Sarah Morris

Matt Amos

John Ritchie

Jeff O'Malley

Mack Thompson

Chris Hoogsteden