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These are the abstract titles for the 18 papers given at the Antarctic Geodesy Symposium (AGS98), Universidad de Chile on 16 & 17 July 1998. For the actual abstract please click on the paper you wish to see.

The proceedings of AGS98 will be available from Instituto Antártico Chileano (INACH) later in 1998.

  1. Permanent GPS Tracking Network in the South Atlantic
    Tilo Schöne, Hans Werner Schenke, Mario Pohl, Richard Wonnacott and Andrés Zakrajsek
  2. Verification of Global Geoid Models by Tide Gauge Measurements
    Tilo Schöne and Hans Werner Schenke
  3. Campbell Ice Tongue Monitoring Under Sea Tidal Effects (Ross Sea - Antarctica)
    A.Capra, S.Gandolfi, C.Stocchino
  4. The New Bathymetric Charts of the Southern Weddell Sea
    Hans Werner Schenke
  5. Tectonic evolution of the Scotia Arc Within The Pacific Margin of Gondwanaland
    I.W.D. Dalziel, L.A. Lawver, and L.H. Gahagan
  6. Meteorological Aspects During the Initial Summer Season (November-December) at Patriot Hills, Antarctica
    Dr. Jorge F. Carrasco
  7. The Comparison of Recent Volcanism in the Antarctic Peninsula Region with the Present Plate Motion - A Conclusionary Approach to the Development of the Magmetic Arc
    Veit, A., Miller, H. and del Valle, R. A.
  8. Geodetic GPS in the South Atlantic and Antarctica
    Kevin Dixon
  9. Exploitation of satellite radar data for investigating Antarctic ice features
    Uwe Müller, Jörn Sievers, Henning Walter
  10. German activities in the frame of the SCAR GPS Campaigns and geodetic indications on the geokinematics of the Antarctic Peninsula Region
    R. Dietrich, R. Dach, J. Perlt, H.-W. Schenke, T. Schöne, M. Pohl, G. Soltau, G. Engelhardt, H.-W. Mikolaiski, G.Seeber, F. Menge, W. Niemeier, H. Salbach, K. Lindner, H.-J. Kutterer, M. Mayer, H. Miller, A. Veit
  11. Complex Subglacial Topography Revealed Under the Antarctic Ice Sheet at Patriot Hills
    Andrés Rivera, Gino Casassa, Rubén Carvallo, Heiner Lange
  12. Geodetic Fieldwork at Terra Nova Bay Italian Base (Victoria Land - Antarctica)
    A.Capra, S.Gandolfi, F.Mancini, L.Vittuari
  13. Observation of surface topography and ice-flow near Patriot Hills, Antarctica
    Heiner Lange, Gino Casassa and Andrés Rivera
  14. The SCARP Project, A Link Between Active Andean and Antarctic Tectonics
    Ian Dalziel, Frederick Taylor, Michael Bevis and Robert Smalley
  15. Tectonic evolution of the Scotia arc within the Pacific Margin of Gondwanaland (Poster)
    I.W.D. Dalziel, L.A. Lawver, and L.H. Gahagan
  16. Mass Balance Studies at Patriot Hills, Antarctica
    Gino Casassa, Andrés Rivera and Heiner Lange
  17. The Effect of Tec Variations on GPS Measurements in Anarctica
    Al Bayari O., Capra A., Mancini F., Vittuari L.
  18. Determination of geodetic reference, surface topography and ice dynamics in the region of Schirmacher Oasis/Dronning Maud Land
    R. Dietrich, W. Korth, R. Metzig, J. Perlt
  19. Geodetic Observations at Syowa Station, Antarctica and some results
    Katsutada Kaminuma