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SCAR GSSG - Papers from AGS99, Warsaw " /> " />



Polish Polar Research (an outline) - Krzysztof Birkenmajer [431 Kb]

A D.B.M.S. For Collecting Physical Geodesy Data in Antarctica - Alessandro Capra [363 Kb]

Antarctic Surveying and Mapping Works of China and Recent Progress - Chunming Chen [320 Kb]

Present status of the SCAR GPS Epoch Campaigns - Reinhard Dietrich [68 Kb]

Multi-Disciplinary GPS Support in Antarctica - Bjorn Johns [256 Kb]

Overview of the GIANT Program - John Manning [154 Kb]

SCAR Group of Specialists on Antarctic Neotectonics - John Manning and Terry Wilson [101 Kb]

GeoStar and Internet-Based GIS of Antarctica - Nengcheng Cheng [199 Kb]

Polish Geodetic Activity in the 1998/99 Antarctic Summer Season - Marcin Sekowski [356 Kb]

Polish Geodetic Antarctic Studies: A Short Historical Outline - Janusz Sledzinski [399 Kb]

Topographic and geodetic works executed by Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia in Antarctic Continent - Alexander Yuskevitch [17 Kb]

On Atmospheric Influences at Astrogeodetic Measurements in Polar Regions - Fedir Zablotskyj [38 Kb]

Field Tests of the Portable Absolute Gravimeter for Remote Applications - Yevgen Zanimonskiy [119 Kb]

Argentine Participation in Antarctic Surveying Activities from 1901 to 1999: an overview - Andres Zakrajsek [14 Kb]