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This second SCAR Antarctic Geodesy symposium was held at the Scientific Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw 15-16th July. It was attended by up to 30 participants, which included representatives of ten SCAR countries.

The program was a blend of background of Polish Antarctic activities related to Geodesy. This included Prof. Dr Guterch who also outlined Polish Arctic exploration activities, Prof. Birkenmajer presented a history of Polish Polar research including his extensive work in the Antarctic peninsula and with Geographical names for geological mapping in the area. Prof. Sledzinski outlined his experiences with the 1958 expedition to Dobrowolski in the Bunger Hills including his pendulum absolute gravity observations at that site.

The program continued with presentations on the recent geodetic activities in Antarctica and a proposal for Physical Geodesy Database (Dr Capra) and an impressive Internet distributed GIS system for Antarctica (Nengchen Chen, China). Of particular note was the attendance of Dr Yuskevitch the new Russian representative to the SCAR WG-GGI replacing Dr Soudakov. It is intend to publish Proceedings as a SCAR Report.

Participants gave an indication of their plans for activities for the next summer season 1999/2000 during a GIANT business meeting.

The second day presentations were rounded of with a technical tour to the Borowa Gora fundamental geodetic observatory where a demonstration of the prototype portable Absolute Gravity meter by Dr Zanimonskiy. An impressive demonstration of the new JAVAD GLONASS/GPS receiver by Ilari Koskelo was followed a very enjoyable Polish barbecue in the grounds of the Observatory.

The Antarctic Geodesy symposium (AGS99) was a very successful event very well hosted and we thank the Polish Institute of Geodesy and Cartography for their great hospitality.