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Project Coordinator: Alessandro Capra, Italy
Project Members: Lars Sjoberg, Sweden, Andres Zakrajsek Argentina, Hans Werner Schenke, Germany, John Manning, Australia

Goal: Collection and analysis of physical geodesy data, for the development of a new high resolution Geoid for the Antarctic.

Key activities:

Report on Physical Geodesy project for XXVI SCAR meeting, 10-14 July 2000, Tokyo, Japan - written by Alessandro Capra (7Kb)

Presentation of Physical Geodesy project given by Alessandro Capra at IUGG, July 1999 - in MS PowerPoint 97 format and is approx 2.9Mb. Alternatively you could have a look at the PDF document [only 469 Kb!]

Paper on "A Project for archiving and managing physical geodesy data in Antarctica" given at the Antarctic Geodesy Symposium 99, in Poland, 14-16 July 1999. [In PDF format, approx. 363 Kb]