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A project to facilitate the availability of integrated fundamental GIS data for Antarctica

An initiative of the:
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Working Group on Geodesy & Geographic Information

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The Working Group on Geodesy & Geographic Information (WG-GGI) has identified a growing number of specific Antarctic digital datasets being used for research, GIS analysis and planning purposes. Currently there is no formal standard for these datasets to meet - thus causing difficulties in integrating data from different countries.

At XXIV SCAR in Cambridge, August 1996, the WG-GGI agreed to a new geographic data project, termed ‘geographic data integration’. In September 1997 the Project Manager Glenn Johnstone was appointed.

At XXV SCAR in Concepcion, July 1998, the Working Group agreed to the following goal for the renamed project - Antarctic Geographic Data Integration (AGDI):

To facilitate availability of integrated fundamental GIS datasets (including surface elevation, bedrock elevation, bathymetry, coastline and features) over Antarctica, through liaison with other programs and international agencies, for use by global change researchers and other scientists.

Further consultation with users in May 1999 (see Hobart report for feedback) resulted in a modification of the aims of the project. The most significant changes were the introduction of the "Data Library" and 1:5Million scale product concepts.

There are 7 fundamental datasets (or themes) in the AGDI project. The buttons to the left take you to the Data Library page and 1:5Million product pages for that theme.

At XXVI SCAR in Tokyo, July 2000, the Working Group agreed AGDI had gone has far as it could with the development of the concept and draft specifications (see Status Report - [587 Kb PDF]). The next practical step would be to create the 1:5 Million scale dataset. No WG member volunteered to take this task on and so the AGDI product component will be suspended. The Project Manager will continue to maintain the Data Library.

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