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SCAR GSSG - Summary of Freiburg GIS workshop, April 2003

Updated: Wed 02 Jul 2003


The 2nd International Antarctic GIS Workshop (AntGIS 2003) was held at the Institut für Physische Geographie (IPG), Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet in Freiburg, Germany, from 7-10 April 2003. There were 25 participants representing 9 countries and 21 papers presented.

It was a very successful workshop, with a number of new projects being show-cased for the first time. Participants remarked that the organisers had done a very good job in organising and hosting the workshop.

Prof Gossman, Head of IPG, commented he was pleased to see there was a mixture of experienced researchers and younger enthusiastic researchers in attendance. He said there was a wide variety of Antarctic GIS research presented and was impressed with what he saw during the 3 days. He also said that the work this group undertakes plays an important role within SCAR and hoped it will continue.

The 5 sessions of the workshop focussed on such topics as: GIS applications in Antarctica; Internet GIS; Web Portals and; Antarctic GIS Standards.

There will be a copy of all presentations and papers provided on the GSSG web site and the IPG web site in the coming weeks. Selected papers from the workshop will be published in a special edition of the German publication "Polarförschung".

Held concurrently with the workshop was a meeting on the Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica - a report on progress of the project and a summary of this meeting are available for viewing.

On the final afternoon of the workshop there was a business meeting of the SCAR Expert Group on Geospatial Information (GIG). This examined the progress of the Geographic Information Work Program for 2002-2004 and found that most projects are progressing well. Some fine tuning of activities was discussed and noted.