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Documents from WG-GGI Coordinators Meeting, Heppenheim, July 1999 " /> " /> Updated:


Heppenheim, 26-27 July 1999

All documents, except where specified, are in PDF format

Agenda [17 Kb]

Minutes [37 Kb]

Action Items [14 Kb]

Photo of WG-GGI Coordinators - Heppenheim, 27 July 1999 - Courtesy of Larry Hothem, USGS (50 Kb)

Photos from a tour of the Heppenheim area before the meeting



GIANT Program Status report (also presented at AGS99) – John Manning

[17 Kb]

Report to IUGG on Antarctic Geodesy 1995 –1999 – John Manning

[134 Kb]

Argentine Report on Antarctic Geodetic Activities – presented at AGS99 – Andres Zakrajsek

[10 Kb]

Epoch Campaigns – presentation given at AGS99 – Reinhard Dietrich

[185 Kb]

Physical Geodesy report or (.PPT presentation version - 2.9 Mb) – Alessandro Capra

[469 Kb]

GLONASS Evaluation report – John Manning and Larry Hothem

[25 Kb]

Brochure on the Southern Ocean Sea Level Centre


ANTEC paper presented at AGS99 – John Manning and Terry Wilson

[101 Kb]



Map and Data Standards project status report – Janet Thomson

[17 Kb]

Status report on Place Names project – Roberto Cervellati

[105 Kb]

Report on Regional Names – Heinz Bennat (BKG)

[532 Kb]

Status report on ADD – Janet Thomson

[12 Kb]

Brochure on GeoNames 2000 conference – Joern Sievers


Status report on AGDI – Glenn Johnstone

[512 Kb]

Status report on Map Catalogue (On-line version) – Henk Brolsma


Examples of proposed fields in 6th Edition Map Catalogue – Jerry Mullins




Paper on accessing the SCOUT software – Chiara Ramorino


Web site harmonisation with SCAR and other Working Groups + WG-GGI web site in general (inc. statistics on site) – Glenn Johnstone

[4 Kb]

Position paper on the distribution of Digital Geographic Data – Glenn Johnstone

[17 Kb]

ISO standard on Data Dictionaries – Glenn Johnstone

[19 Kb]

On-line aerial photography index – Henk Brolsma


Outcomes from XXIII ATCM, Lima, Peru, 24 May to 4 June – Glenn Johnstone

[7 Kb]

On-line survey control database (draft schema only) – Henk Brolsma

[29 Kb]

Protocol for accessing SCAR funds – Glenn Johnstone

[5 Kb]

Report on SCAR WG-GGI activities presented to 6th ISCGM meeting, Cambridge, 24th July – Drew Clarke

[12 Kb]