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27-28 August 1997, Reston, Virginia, USA

Drew Clarke (Chair)
John Manning (Geodesy)
Jerry Mullins (Standards and Directories)
Jorn Sievers (Geographic Data)
Janet Thomson (Geographic Data)

Roy Mullin (USA)
Graham Blick (NZ)

USGS Presentations
GLIS (John Faundeen)
Geographic Names (Roger Payne)
Remote Sensing (J-C Thomas)
Geodesy (Larry Hothem)

Actions Arising and Decisions
Actions arising and decisions taken are summarised in the following tables. Working Group, Geodesy Program, Standards and Directories Program and Geographic Data Program

Drew Clarke
14 September 1997

1. Working Group

Issue Responsibility Action / Decision
Cambridge Meeting Manning Finalise record of Cambridge meeting to include comments from Sievers, Thomson, Mullins.
SCAR Bulletin Clarke Advise SCAR of corrections to the wording in the place names resolution, as published in Bulletin 126.
COMNAP Liaison Clarke Discuss COMNAP liaison issues with Jack Sayers, then write to SCAR and COMNAP to formalise arrangements.
SCAR Executive Clarke Continue to pursue regular meetings of SCAR WG Chief Officers with the SCAR Executive.
WG-GGI Executive Clarke Prepare and distribute record of actions and decisions from the Reston Executive meeting.
WG-GGI Web Site Clarke Arrange for update of WG-GGI web site to include 'What's New' (meetings, workshops, announcements, publications etc)
Santiago Workshop Manning Discuss proposals for Santiago Workshop with Prof.Eng Victor Villanueva: dates, publications, attendance, speakers, program etc.
Advise Executive of outcome as soon as possible.
Concepcion Meeting All General structure of 1998 Concepcion meeting to be:

1. Status reports from the 3 programs
2. Presentations from external parties
3. Plans for 1998-2000 (each program to hold an informal meeting, consecutively, then present and finalise scope and structure of projects in plenary session)

Program leaders are to chair 'their' sessions, and to maintain notes.

WG Chair to prepare official record (report to SCAR).

Written reports to be requested for each project (for discussion in Part 1 of the meeting), and for each country (for tabling only).

Communications All Acknowledge receipt of all WG-GGI e-mails, even if detailed response to follow at a later time.

2. Geodesy Program

Project Responsibility Action / Decision
Permanent Observatories Manning / Mullins
Pursue upgrade of McMurdo antenna to VLBI with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
Manning Write to all Antarctic permanent GPS tracker operators and request that data be routinely provided to IGS.
Epoch Campaigns Manning Prepare an index of GPS epoch campaigns, with cross references to publications of results, and include on WG-GGI web site.
Geoid Mapping Manning Review options at GIANT meeting to progress the geoid project (need to find an agency sponsor).
Geodynamics Manning Prepare a paper on results of epoch campaigns and permanent observatories, for publication in Antarctic Science in late 1998.
General Manning Circulate notes of September 1997 GIANT meeting.

3. Standards and Directories Program

Project Responsibility Action / Decision
Map and Data Standards All Provide comments to Thomson on content of first draft (as tabled by Norway in Cambridge).
Mullins / Thomson Review first draft, and determine structure of the final document (scales, data dictionary etc). Request Norway to produce second draft for Concepcion.
Metadata Standards Mullins Arrange for NZ to further develop their draft:
1. Determine TC211 compliance.
2. Determine AMD compliance.
3. Obtain content review by subject specialists.
4. Include satellite imagery.
5. Produce final draft for consideration at Concepcion.
Geodetic Standards Manning GIANT to consider need for Antarctic standards:
1. Reference Systems
2. Quality Descriptions
3. Data transfer and Interface
Consider TC211 and IGS standards as basis.
SPA Specifications
No further action required, unless requested by GOSEAC.
Station Map Specifications Mullins Determine status of 'COMNAP Stations Handbook' - does COMNAP require assistance with a standard specification for station maps and plans?
Toponymic Guidelines Clarke Discuss with SCAR and COMNAP Execs mechanism for 'one name per feature' policy for all future names.
Clarke Prepare and circulate outline of a paper on Antarctic place names for the Polar Record (to be jointly authored with Sievers and Cervellati(?))
Sievers Update collection of national Antarctic place naming policies (to be verified at Concepcion).
Geographic Data Directory Mullins Update Web Site linking existing national and international sites with relevant directory information.
Mullins Prepare proposal on GGI directory for discussion at Concepcion, considering TC211, DIF, AMD and GLIS.
Mullins Update SCAR Map Catalogue based on USGS holdings. Circulate to all countries for review, then table final (Supplement or new Edition) at Concepcion.
GIS Project Register Mullins Arrange for NZ to report on updates and site visits at Concepcion meeting (to enable review of needs).

4. Geographic Data Program

Project Responsibility Action / Decision
Composite Gazetteer Thomson / Sievers Objectives are to:
1. Validate web site database by Concepcion.
2. Produce interim hardcopy for WG Members and SCAR Delegates at Concepcion (say 100 copies), without descriptive info or date of approval.
3. Obtain SCAR approval for publication of official Gazetteer (say end 1998).
Thomson Arrange following changes to Gazetteer web site:
1. Confirm GEBCO vs. IHO as bathymetric place naming authority - amend documentation as required.
2. Include a title of 'Draft Working Version', or similar, and a preface table indicating data sources, limitations
3. Ensure that pejorative terms such as 'variant' are deleted from all documentation - use 'features'.
4. Adopt definition of 'Date of Approval' as used by each authority (document actual definitions in preface)
Clarke Arrange for SCAR to write to Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Norway regarding status of their contributions.
Thomson Review (with Italy at October meeting):
1. Process for validating the composite data
2. Capacity to produce the 100 copies for Concepcion
3. Database used (system, model, schema)
4. Capacity to maintain the database/site for next 5 yrs
Circulate notes of the meeting to WG Exec.
Thomson Prepare (with Italy) and circulate to Exec for comment, the title, preface pages and indicative content of the Concepcion draft hardcopy.
Antarctic Digital Database Thomson Objective is to publish Version 2 on the Web.
Issues to be considered are:
1. File sizes and downloading times
2. Use of ICAIR as distribution site
3. Registration of users (as alternative to purchasers)
Digital Elevation Model Sievers No collaborators identified for this project.
Continue to monitor developments.
Station Maps / SPA Maps Thomson No further action pending COMNAP or GOSEAC requests.
Ground Control Point Library Sievers Prepare paper on scope of the SCAR project, then review fit and relationship to current NASA project.
Data Integration Clarke Arrange for detailed scoping study and data survey results to be tabled at Concepcion.