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XXVII SCAR, Shanghai - Standing Resolutions from GSSG GIG " /> " /> Updated:



  • That members will apply approved SCAR geodetic and geographic standards, specifications and guidelines in their national Antarctic programs.
  • Directories

  • That members will contribute all relevant geospatial information to SCAR through their National Antarctic Data Centres.
  • Information Exchange

  • That members will exchange and make freely available geodetic and geographic data, in accordance with the Antarctic Treaty. A minimum of two copies of maps, charts and other geographic publications shall be automatically distributed to the Antarctic Mapping Centres of the SCAR countries.
  • Control Points

  • That members will make ground control points, including photographic identifications, and tide gauge information available on the World Wide Web for use in other Antarctic mapping and research applications.
  • Geodetic Datum

  • That members adopt the International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000 (ITRF2000) at an epoch of 2000.0 together with the GRS80 ellipsoid, as the geodetic datum for all Antarctic activities.
  • Web site

  • That a comprehensive web site outlining project activities, reports, contact details and links be maintained.

  • Global Programs

  • That SCAR supports all relevant global science programmes through the contributions of Antarctic geodesy and geographic information.