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Tokyo, Japan, 10-14 July 2000

AT 27 JUNE 2000


The meetings of the SCAR WG-GGI will be held in National Olympic Memorial Youth Centre

Monday 10 July 2000

0900 - 1200 - Geodesy and GI Program Discussions

During this period the Geodesy Program and GI Program will meet separately to discuss and organise their presentations to be given in the afternoon session and the first session on Tuesday morning.

(Concurrently during this period there is a meeting of all WG Chief Officers with SCAR President and Executive)


1400 - 1. Administration

1500 - 2. SCAR Review Process & Outcomes

Report from GGI Chief Officer on the SCAR Review process and outcomes

1515 - 3. WG Response to State of the Antarctic Environment Report (SAER)

Discussion on WG-GGI's response to SCAR's State of the Antarctic Environment Report for the Antarctic Treaty. Formulation of a response will help input to Wednesday afternoons meeting.

Afternoon Tea

1600 - 4. Project Reports

Project Coordinators to present reports, advising the Working Group of the status of programs.

GIANT Program Session - (Chaired by Australia)

Tuesday 11 July 2000

0900 - 4. Project Reports (continued)

Geographic Information Program Session - (Chaired by UK & Germany)


Morning Tea

1100 - 4. Project Reports (continued)

Any reports that have not yet been given can be presented during this session



1400 - 5. SCAR Coordination, International Liaison & Other Programs

Reports from representatives of related SCAR bodies:

Reports from representatives of related International Liaison bodies:

Afternoon Tea

1600 - 6. Joint Meeting between Glaciology, Geology, SEG, ANTEC, JCADM and GGI
Working Groups

The primary aim of this meeting is to examine areas of mutual interest and to exchange information on each others work programs. Working Group members who have an interest in this matter should be in attendance.

Evening - Informal Geodesy Dinner

Wednesday 12 July 2000

0900 - 5. SCAR Coordination, International Liaison & Other Programs (continued)

Reports from representatives of other related programs:


1000 - 7. National Reports

Delegates to table National Reports and speak to highlights.

Morning Tea


1100 - 8. Review of Program Structure

Review of Program structure and consideration of any changes required to address the Program 2000 - 2002.

1115 - 9. Program Development for 2000-2002

- Geodesy Program
- Geographic Information Program

Development of Work Programs for 2000 - 2002


1400 - 10. State of the Antarctic Environment Report - SAER

Discussion of and scoping of draft report to the Antarctic Treaty on the State of the Antarctic Environment Report

This exercise will be undertaken by those Chief Officers and Working Group members who have an interest in this matter.

Thursday 13 July 2000

0900 - 9. Program Development (continued)

Morning Tea

1100 - 9. Program Development (continued)


1400 - 11. Finalisation and Presentation of Proposed Programs for 2000 - 2002

Discussion on and Confirmation of 2000 - 2002 programs and appointment of Program Convenors.

Afternoon Tea

1600 - 12. Actions and Resolutions

Review of Standing Resolutions from XXV SCAR, confirmation of actions arising from the meeting, determination of timetable and allocation of responsibilities.

1700 - 13. Administrative arrangements for 2000 - 2002

Appointment of Chairperson.

Determine place and date of next Project Coordinators Meeting

Friday 14 July 2000

0900 - 14. Development of funding applications - SCAR and non-SCAR sources

Applications for SCAR funding will be submitted for consideration at the SCAR Delegates Meeting.

Funding from non-SCAR sources - such as ICSU - should also be considered

Morning Tea

1100 - 15. WG Response to SCAR Review

Discussion of the SCAR Review and it's outcomes. A WG position statement and/or recommendations to SCAR should be drafted at this time.

1130 - 16. Report to SCAR

Determine content of Report to SCAR, to be presented by Chairperson during following week.


1400 - 17. Drafting of Final Report to SCAR

Program and Project Coordinators will assist the Chief Officer with the finalisation of budgets, funding applications, WG resolutions and the WG report to SCAR.

1700 - Meeting Closed

Other Documents for XXVI SCAR