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The Working Group recommends that SCAR XXVI adopt the following recommendations.

1. Geodetic and Geographic Information

Noting the Antarctic Treaty Article III (1c) requirements regarding data exchange,

Recognising that the information products produced by the SCAR Working Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information are all derived from the work of National Committees and Operators:

SCAR recommends that National Committees and Operators provide continuing access for all SCAR members to fundamental geodetic and geographic information, including:

2. Airborne Gravity Data for Geoid Computation

Noting that determination of a high resolution geoid in Antartica benefits research of the ice density of the Antarctic ice sheet, determination of surface elevation relative to mean sea level, and the calibration and validation of satellite missions;

Recognising that there is a major gap in gravity data required for the computation of a high resolution geoid in Antarctica;

Considering the current lack of gravity data, the need to acquire gravity data at close intervals (optimally spaced between 10 and 50 km), that new satellite gravity missions will leave a gap from 82 to 90 degrees south, and that airborne gravity observation is considered the most cost effective and reliable method for collecting data;

SCAR recommends that National Committees and Operators:

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