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SCAR GSSG - GGI - Standing Resolutions from XXVI SCAR, Tokyo, July 2000 " /> " />



1. That members will apply approved SCAR geodetic and geographic standards, specifications and guidelines in their national Antarctic programs (noting that the standards, specifications and guidelines in the 1994 Standing Resolutions will continue to apply until superseded).


2. That members will contribute all relevant information to SCAR directories of Antarctic geodetic and geographic information.

Information Exchange

3. That members will exchange and make freely available geodetic and geographic data, in accordance with the Antarctic Treaty. Two copies of maps, charts and other geographic publications shall be automatically distributed to the Antarctic Mapping Centres of the SCAR countries.

Control Points

4. That members will make ground control points, including photographic identifications, and tide gauge information available on the World Wide Web for use in other Antarctic mapping and research applications.

Geodetic Datum

5. That members adopt the International Terrestrial Reference Frame 2000 (ITRF2000) at an epoch of 2000.0 together with the GRS80 ellipsoid, as the geodetic datum for all Antarctic activities. This Antarctic ITRF2000 datum be known as the Antarctic Geodetic Datum 2000 (AntGD2000).


6. That whenever possible, national representation at Working Group meetings should include both geodetic and geographic information specialists.

Web site

7. That the Working Group maintain, through member contributions, a comprehensive web site outlining project activities, reports and contact details.

Global Programs

8. That the Working Group shall support all relevant global science programs through the contribution of Antarctic geodesy and geographic information, including the Global Mapping project and the International Earth Rotation Service.


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