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SCAR GSSG - Structure
Updated: Wed 22 Jun 2005


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Terms of Reference

According to SCAR the Terms of Reference for a Standing Scientific Group will be:

Formation of the Geoscience Standing Scientific Group (GSSG)

At the second meeting of the GSSG, held in Bremen in July 2004, the existing Chief Officer (CO) stood down and there was an election for a new CO. Prof Alessandro Capra was elected as the new CO and Prof Ross Powell of the USA was subsequently elected as the new Deputy CO. Prof Bryan Storey remains as the Secretary until the next SCAR meeting in 2006.

The newly created Action Groups, Expert Groups and Scientific Research Programmes are listed (and linked to) above.

The AGEANT Action Group was disbanded at XXVIII SCAR.

The first meeting of the newly created GSSG was held on Thursday 18 July 2002.

Dr Phil O'Brien from Australia was elected as the inaugural Chief Officer, Prof. Alessandro Capra from Italy was elected as Deputy Chief Officer and Prof Bryan Storey, from New Zealand, was elected as Secretary.

Mr John Manning remained in charge of geodesy and geographic information activities under the newly created Expert Group on Geospatial Information (GIG).

A report on the outcomes from this first meeting was presented to the SCAR Delegates for their consideration. Also see GSSG research areas for further information.

Also see Background on previous Working Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information for more information.